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Digital Marketing & Digital Business
based on 3D


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Global Biz Help Desk
MP 0210 Bar.
Everything you need for your business is in Marine Plaza 0210 Bar.
If you are a member of our platform, you can get '0 to 10 supporting' for your business. It provides customized services for successful dealings through a digital catalog, video, 3D modeling production, and support for major languages worldwide.
Commucation Using 3D Modeling
MP 3D Telling System.
Do ‘3D telling’ with our informational 3D modeling(patent).

* 3D Telling System(Marine Plaza's own 3D modeling-based information exchange system)

With our 3D Telling System, you can easily share the necessary information for each part of your products 24 hours a day. It completely changes your business communication. Use now and Introduce your product better.
Global Biz News Channel
Get the latest industry news from around the world.
Get industry updates from around the world every day in one place. Of course, if you want, you can also send your news to customers around the globe through W&W right now. If you are on board W&W(White Cloth and Wind), you can go anywhere you want..
On-Line Booth Channel
MP Meta-Booth.
Introduce your products and services 24 hours a day at the Meta-Booth.
Thousands of companies and buyers from all over the world may visit your booth anytime if you open your Meta booth on Marine Plaza. Even when you are resting, sleeping, or even in the bathroom, your meta-booth will be working all time to promote products and services to worldwide.
Web-Seminar Channel
MP Air.
Learn the know-how of industry experts living overseas in your place with your languages.
The know-how of experts in various fields worldwide, which was challenging to meet in person, can now be easily viewed in several major language subtitles. In addition, if you want to hold a seminar yourself, you can easily promote the conference, recruit participants, and proceed with the lecture. Of course, you can watch it again anytime you want.